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Power Systems Engineering VLOG

In this series, our Engineering Manager, Abdur Rehman, will be explaining different concepts and solutions to complex issues that we have dealt with in power system studies. He will be sharing his expertise and perspective, honed by years of experience within the field to help you understand and truly grasp the different aspects within power system studies.

Course Description

Power System Protection Fundamentals

This course has 45 videos with 5+ hours of content. This course will cover the requirements needed to design protective devices and the applications of these devices through a schematic diagram. Furthermore, this course will analyze the effects of all types of faults in power system along with the easy hand on calculations. To develop your strong concept on fault analysis we will discuss how faults can be identified by analyzing waveforms. Lastly, you will learn the most tedious and complex theory of symmetrical components that are found in different types of faults.

Course Description

Power System Analysis Fundamentals

This course has 30 videos with 3+ hours of content. This course will cover all the fundamentals of Power system analysis. We will start from very basics: principles of Balanced systems, how power factor affects the performance of systems and techniques which we can employ to improve the power factor. In addition, you will build a strong concept on per unit systems and load flow analysis.

Course Description

Power Transformer Fundamentals

This course has 23 videos with 2+ hours of content. This course will teach you all the fundamentals of Power Transformer. We will start from very basics: introducing transformer winding connections Delta Wye and Wye Wye, how voltage and current quantities are related by phasor diagram and methods to represent each transformer connection. In addition, you will build a strong concept on circulating currents and voltages. This module consists of three parts, each building upon your knowledge based on previous ones.

Course Description

Current Transformer Fundamentals

Current transformer holds great significance in power systems. They are used for metering and analyzing the electric current in powerhouses, grid stations, industries, control rooms etc. But are you aware of the actual concept and working of a current transformer? Where do we use current transformers? What is the polarity of a current transformer? What are different possible connections for a current transformer? Do you understand the model of a current transformer? This course has 17 videos with 2 hours of content. All the details will be explained in the best possible way here.

Course Description

Guide for Performing Arc Flash Hazard Calculations

In this course, we're going to talk about the introduction (what's the need for this IEEE-1584 standard). We're going to talk about the history and go over the IEEE 1584-2002 version up to the 2018 version. And there are the 16 years of rich history that's extremely important to understand where we are today with the 2018 version and some of the changes.

Course Description

Electrical Machines Fundamentals

This course covers all the fundamentals of electrical machines. AC machines including induction motors, induction generators, synchronous motors, and synchronous generators are discussed here in detail and best possible way. Their basics, working, different operating techniques, and various characteristics, all are part of our course. Other than AC, we have also included DC machines in this series where we have explained various DC machines and their applications in quite a descriptive way.

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