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You are gifted. Thanks for sharing your knowledge. I personally appreciated. Thanks generalPAC


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This stuff is absolute, thanks for all the efforts you put in projecting this information in such an intuitive manner.



Man you make learning very easy



Really enjoy your videos. I'm an electrical engineer and its good to refresh on the fundamentals every once in a while


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Really enjoy your videos. I'm an electrical engineer and its good to refresh on the fundamentals every once in a while

Power Transformer Fundamental Series

Transformer is the #1 main electrical component in Power Distribution System. A huge amount of high voltage comes in transformer which is transformed to required voltage without incurring high interruption in supply. The need of supplying smooth power to the consumers require extensive development in the designing of transformer. The selection of transformer winding connections depends on the requirements of load, cost of insulation and inherited problems affecting the performance of system. It is important to understand all the transformer winding connections in depth. So, an electrical designer or student need to know transformer basics, their working mechanism, and different configurations of connecting transformer windings in their arsenal.

This course will teach you all the fundamentals of Power Transformer. We will start from very basics: introducing transformer winding connections Delta Wye and Wye Wye, how voltage and current quantities are related by phasor diagram, and methods to represent each transformer connections. In addition, you will build a strong concept on circulating currents and voltages. This module consists of three parts, each building upon your knowledge based on previous ones.

What you will learn ?

Introduction to Delta Wye Transformer Connection

  • 17 parts | 1.5 hours + | thorough
  • Unlock the complex equations of Line and Phase voltage by phasor diagrams

  • Learn how winding connections are represented in transformer nameplate

  • Explore methods to learn how transformer connection is represented

Introduction to Wye Wye Transformer Connection

  • 4 parts | 0.5 hours | thorough
  • How wye connection is made
  • Different ways to configure wye connected transformer
  • How voltage and current quantities are calculated
  • How balanced sets are created by phasors

Introduction to Delta Wye Transformer Connection and Circulating Currents and Voltages

  • 2 parts | 5 Minutes+ | thorough
  • How to hand calculate current and voltages during a faulted condition.
  • How to calculate both phase current and voltages as well as sequence current and voltages.
  • Ways to relate calculated short circuit currents with sequence network diagrams
  • Method to draw zero-sequence network for a delta wye transformer
Power Transformer Fundamentals

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It takes almost 12 hours to complete videos including making of conceptual script, audio and video recording as we put our efforts and time to brainstorm creative ways so that you have a strong understanding on each topic. It's no wonder why thousands of students and professionals have trusted our video and hundreds of thousands of people have watched, liked, subscribed, and left positive comments on our GPAC YouTube channel.

Lastly, our video tutorials are not here to replace the way we traditionally learn about power systems through classroom environment, or reading  textbooks, or learning from peers and tribal knowledge within your career, or hands-on & on-the-job learning. We simply supplement the traditional methods with modern, flexible, and intuitive approach. We believe in providing a platform where students from all community can ask their questions and to provide detailed answers to each question making Power System learning easy and captivating.