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Current Transformer Fundamentals

Current transformer is an essential part of every Power System. We all might know the purpose of Current Transformer but we hardly understand how the current is flowing even though we know about polarity marks but it’s still confusing and complex to have all the fundamentals of current transformer on finger tips.

This course combines brief introduction to Current Transformer with its main characteristic and applications. You will emerge with the knowledge in principles, working, applications, sizing of CT that empowers you to have strong grip on the fundamentals of Current Transformer.

What you will learn?

Introduction to Current Transformers

  • 7 parts 1 hours basic
  • What are CTs and where do we use them
  • Learn about Polarity marks and CT ratio
  • Connect CTs in different configuration

Brief Intro to Current Transformers

  • 7 parts 0.5 hours detailed
  • Explore important characteristics of CT
  • Unlock easy way to model equivalent circuit of CT
  • How CT should be sized for protection and metering
  • Importance of CT grounding

Current Transformer Equivalent Circuit Model

  • 3 parts 0.5 hours thorough
  • Learn how to analyze the behavior of CT
  • Important parameters of CT
  • Explore CT burden, winding resistance, and Leakage reactance
Current Transformer Fundamentals

$170.00 USD

Power Systems Engineering VLOG

We just launched our Power Systems Engineering Vlog series and in this series, we are going to talk about all sorts of various power system engineering studies and commentary. We will overview the different blogs written by AllumiaX. It's fun, it's lively, it's a video blog essentially and we hope you'll join us and benefit from it.

A quick word from GeneralPAC

We add value by creating very insightful, highly engaging, and simply intuitive power system video tutorials and courses. Our objective is to sharpen YOUR skills and further YOUR understanding on these concepts.

Our promise is to make the fundamental series available to everyone who cannot afford it. This promise is fueled by our community, our fans, and our sponsors. If you can afford to purchase this video, please be considerate and fair at the checkout window. Remember, our objective is to sharpen YOUR skills and further YOUR understanding on these concepts. 

It takes almost 12 hours to complete videos including making of conceptual script, audio and video recording as we put our efforts and time to brainstorm creative ways so that you have a strong understanding on each topic. It's no wonder why thousands of students and professionals have trusted our video and hundreds of thousands of people have watched, liked, subscribed, and left positive comments on our GPAC YouTube channel.

Lastly, our video tutorials are not here to replace the way we traditionally learn about power systems through classroom environment, or reading  textbooks, or learning from peers and tribal knowledge within your career, or hands-on & on-the-job learning. We simply supplement the traditional methods with modern, flexible, and intuitive approach. We believe in providing a platform where students from all community can ask their questions and to provide detailed answers to each question making Power System learning easy and captivating.