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Power System Analysis Fundamentals

This course will cover all the fundamentals of Power system analysis. We will start from very basics: principles of Balanced systems, how power factor affects the performance of systems and techniques which we can employ to improve the power factor. In addition, you will build a strong concept on per unit systems and load flow analysis.

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What you will learn ?

Principles of Balanced Three Phase Power

  • 2 parts |10+ minutes |in-dep
  • What does the term “Balanced Power” mean?

  • Learn important rules for balanced system

  • Understand the balanced set of phasors

Introduction to the Power Factor

  • 7 parts | 0.5+ hours |descriptive
  • Explore the ways to intuitively understand behavior of the types of power
  • Learn the concept behind power factor by phasor diagram
  • Unlock the techniques to improve power factor
  • How to decide capacitor size for power factor correction

Per Unit Analysis

  • 11 parts | 1+ hours | thorough
  • Significance of per unit systems in power system analysis.
  • Understand the tedious formulas of calculating per unit equivalents.
  • How to accommodate change in Base Values of components.

Load Flow Analysis

  • 10 parts | 1.5+ hours | demonstrative
  • Learn basic power flow equations.
  • Learn steps of newton Raphson method.
  • Understand how Ybus matrix is derived

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