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Short Circuit and System Protection Studies with AllumiaX

AllumiaX helps commercial and industrial facilities overcome the challenges of a rapidly growing industry by offering short circuit and arc flash hazard studies. Let's take a moment to learn about the significance of power system studies collectively.

short circuit is a fault...

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Arc Flash Mitigation in M.V. Switchgear!

We have already discussed the importance of an arc flash study for low voltage equipment. You can read more about that blog by clicking here.

Though one might wonder, how big of an arc flash hazard is present in the case of medium voltage switchgear?

The answer: A LOT!

Before delving into...

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Importance of Power Systems Studies and How it will save 1000s of dollars?

Electrical power systems analysis is a very broad subject that covers various elements in electrical engineering. In order to analyze the operation of power systems for any fault current and Arc Flash incident, we do need a proper Power systems study which involves the following:  

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