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Short Circuit and System Protection Studies with AllumiaX

Last updated: Sep 25, 2020

AllumiaX helps commercial and industrial facilities overcome the challenges of a rapidly growing industry by offering short circuit and arc flash hazard studies. Let's take a moment to learn about the significance of power system studies collectively.

short circuit is a fault current that introduces a large amount of energy in a power system. The reliability and safety of power distribution systems depends on the accuracy and effectiveness of protective devices.

These currents impose serious hazards to power distribution systems which require closer scrutiny of risks and safety through power system studies.


Arc flash is another kind of fault in the system which is caused by a significant magnitude of fault current flowing through two (or more) electrical conductors placed close to each other causing the medium (air) between them to ionize, resulting in a high energy electrical discharge typically known as an "Arc Blast".

That is why it is safe to say that power system protection studies are the most critical yet underrated aspect of any power system. The goal of these studies is to prevent damage within your facility if a fault occurs in an electrical system, cutting maintenance costs by almost 80% per annum.

That said, AllumiaX provides comprehensive power system studies to commercial and industrial facilities in order to increase efficiency, reliability and protection of their electrical distribution system.

Our Services:

We boast a group of talented and skilled engineers who are ever ready to serve your requirements. Following is a short summary of what we provide in each of these studies:

Short Circuit Studies 

Determine SCCR & continuous current rating of Panelboards, Switchgears, Cables, ATS, etc. and provide you with respective reports.

Selective Device Coordination 

Determine best achievable protective device coordination and provide relay/breaker settings and recommendations to optimize protection and minimal loss of power through selective coordination.

Arc Flash Studies 

Perform the analysis under worst-case arc-flash conditions to determine arc-flash incident energy levels and protection boundary distance and provide an analysis of all possible operating scenarios. Consequently, we provide you with relevant arc-flash labels for such equipment to ensure a safer workplace.

You can inquire for a quote any time and we will respond promptly within 12 hours. Our team will coordinate with you regarding any queries that you may have and have your required studies completed as soon as possible.


Not only that, we believe in the ideology "Knowledge for All" and this has led us to create a series of webisodes and a training website which aims at helping people learn new concepts or polish existing ones.

Visit GeneralPAC by AllumiaX today and see how our premium quality videos provide valuable insights on everything electrical!

The development of these educational videos is not a simple task and it requires human and monetary resources. That is why we have introduced 'Power House exclusively for our subscribers' which provides specialized value-added content, delivering a much deeper understanding of electrical engineering concepts as well as knowledge about commercial tools and practices. Also, our professionals will be there to assist with all your queries.

The subscriptions will not only get you premium facilities but also allow us to develop more personalized content for you. So yeah, here's to learning and growing together!

Should you have any queries regarding any of our services, please free to reach out. We would be glad to serve, anytime!


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