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Power Systems Engineering Vlog – Just Launched!!

Last updated: May 6, 2021

We are excited to share with you the launch of PSE Vlog series. In this blog we will be going over all the things that we covered in our brand-new series. We will briefly discuss the introduction of this vlog, about the instructor, benefits that you might get, from where you will find it and making sure that you are ready to go.

What is PSE VLOG?

PSE VLOG is the Power Systems Engineering Video Blog essentially, in which we are going to talk about all sorts of various power system engineering studies and commentary. We will overview the different blogs written by AllumiaX. We will be exploring different resources that will be available for you. It will feature one-on-one conversations with our Engineering Manager, Abdur Rehman. He will be your instructor throughout, providing interpretations on technical content and exchanging information in a way that will encourage exchange of ideas and fruitful discussions. It's fun, it's lively, it's a video blog essentially and we hope you'll join us in this series and benefit from it.

Here you will get great insights on various topics on power systems engineering. Insights that is very easily consumable through a video series. And the interesting thing about this vlog is that it's not a one and done type of a deal. It's not an educational resource or training material that's defined into a small box. It is a video series that gets added on. Something new gets added on a weekly or a monthly basis so you subscribe to the vlog and it just keeps getting better and better with time.

What is the Need for it?

We at AllumiaX believe in helping you develop a better understanding about power system studies and to this end, we are going to take our blogs and turn them into uniquely presented, multi-part, bite-sized vlog series that will keep you engaged and allow you to go at your own pace. With these vlogs, our ability to converse will break all barriers and allow us to truly convey our experience through highly refined explanations. 

What will you Learn?

Our Engineering Manager, Abdur Rehman (PE) will be conducting commentaries on various AllumiaX blog entries which explain different concepts dealt with in power system studies. He will be sharing his expertise and professional experience with regards to those topics to try and help you understand and truly grasp the different challenges and complexities found within power system studies.

The studies will be explained as per international standards which govern their use for the best education of the audience. This will provide practical insights into their utilization, all the way from low voltage and medium voltage to high voltage equipment. Hopefully, this will enhance greatly the comprehensive understanding of power systems. It will be a unique way of sharing information, content and providing value to you as a subscriber.

What Benefits you will get?

  • You will get unlimited access to the PSE vlogs on various topics.
  • Sharpening or learning new skills on a broad range of topics.
  • Learning the language and nuances of technical information missing from static content, papers, and blogs.
  • Understanding key concepts about power system studies.
  • Unlimited access to our continuously growing library of vlogs.
  • Solutions and explanations from a highly skilled and competent engineer within the field.
  • Our technical team will be in touch with its subscribers regarding any reservations, engaging in discussions and responding actively on one-to-one basis.

What are Subscription Charges?

As a subscriber, you will be getting an unlimited access to PSE VLOG series all at the cost of $9.99/ month.

Is there any Satisfaction Guaranteed?

30-days free trial period to PSE VLOG series in which you will be shared exclusive content for you to know what it is all about!

We do not want you to sign up for something that you are not going to get value from. That is not what our intention is. So, what we are going to do is if you sign up, we're going to give you thirty day's worth of completely free open access to some of our content and you'll be able to get an idea regarding the types of content, associated deliverables that are part of this vlog series.

So, once you sign up it's a satisfaction guarantee. We will give you a trial period. No questions asked if you do not like what you see then you could always unsubscribe and come back and try it out later when things are even better.

Are you ready?

We will encourage you all to sign up to check it out. We hope you enjoy and benefit from it. No questions asked, if you don't like. You could get all your money back. Highly valuable series so sign up now and tell us what you think. We'll see you on the other side.



Abdur Rehman is an experienced professional with over 8 years of experience in the Utilities industry with a particular focus on Power Systems operation, protection and System studies. He has been an active participant and Young Professional Leader (Volunteer) in the Greater Seattle Area. Perhaps most importantly he has always been passionate about education and his dedication to the development of General PAC platform that is the key motivation behind this VLOG series.

Doing his master’s in engineering technology management from Washington State University, Abdur Rehman has extensive practical experience when it comes to engineering design, field, compliance in the Power Systems Industry.

He worked closely with Power Utilities, thus bringing a wealth of knowledge, explosive insight, and thoughtful prospective in his courses and tutorials.

In a nutshell, all GeneralPAC by AllumiaX courses are special because of his love to share knowledge in the most intuitive way possible.


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